On 25 Jul 2012, at 11:42, stefan riemens wrote:

> This is very convincing! Congratulations, that looks really neat.
> Having seen this, I think we'd better go with the canvas approach. It
> would require quite a lot of code to get osgWidget to produce that...


Thomas, can we have a discussion about a sensible roadmap for this, and what 
parts myself or Stefan could help with?

I'm aware you've made some progress on this locally (based on some wiki pages), 
but apparently not discussing it here - could you summarise how you see this 
working so Stefan and I can review it?

In particular I'm interested to see what aspects of XML -> building canvas 
elements are common between 2D panels, the GUI dialogs and HUD code. I'm also 
anxious that the 'front-end' XML and Nasal stays clean, i.e we have sufficient 
abstraction when creating dialogs and UI that we can vary the widget 
implementations without breaking existing dialogs.

(This is effectively theming / styling)


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