On Thu, 28 Feb 2013, Renk Thorsten wrote:

>> Renk, you should take a look at the default Cessna 172 in FG and it's
>> mate in FSX.  The FSX version wipes the floor with the FG version with 
>> respect
>> to the cockpit model.
> (I'd really appreciate if you guys would call me on first-name basis 
> 'Thorsten'...)
I think that's the result of how your name is shown in the email header - 
it says "Renk Thorsten", so us murricans think your first name is "Renk". 
:)  You might want to stick a comma in there. :)

> You are certainly right with the c172, but the fair comparison is e.g. 
> our DR-400 against the FSX C-172, and FG is going to win that one.
It's a "best foot forward" kind of thing.  The quintessential "default" 
airplane in MSFS has been the 172.  The default set of airplanes in FG 
should be the absolute best of the best, simply because that's what a new 
user is going to be exposed to for their first time.  First impressions 
are everything.  Someone will see the FG 172 and instantly assume that the 
rest of the simulator is like that.

>> One thing I'd really like to see put together is a "The Hidden Secrets of
>> FlightGear" page that illustrates all the little bits that people aren't
>> necessarily aware of.  Things like the hard science behind a lot of the
>> things FG tries to get right that "other" simulation software completely
>> ignores or fakes poorly.
> We've sort of started this here
> http://wiki.flightgear.org/Unique_Features
I was hoping for more "hard science" items, such as all the great work 
that's gone into taking terrain masking into account with radio navigation 
aids.  I _seriously_ doubt MSFS or XP has gone to that extreme, but I know 
for a fact big commercial simulators do it.

> Honestly, I have no clue how to make a screenshot in FSX... and I don't 
> want to fiddle around with it much longer, suffice to say it gave me 
> some ideas how the GUI could be, but it doesn't draw me in in any way. 
> And you'll not going to find me argue that the Vinson doesn't measure 
> up. It's a spectacular model, and I do love doing carrier ops in FG.

If you like, we can take this off-list and I can work with you to provide 
FSX screenshots to compare against ones you're doing in FG.


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