On Tue, Sep 24, 2013 at 6:04 PM, Tomash Brechko
<tomash.brec...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> Recently I was told that some planes have liveries of so high resolution
> that you have to install low resolution versions to have a decent fps during
> multiplay.  But doesn't FG use mipmaps for liveries?  If not then are there
> plans to do so?  Or should the livery be prepared in a certain way to
> trigger mipmap generation?
> Perhaps mipmaps should also be applied to interiors as sometimes you can see
> the insides through the window.
> --
>   Tomash Brechko

Use of mipmapping only mitigates the issue. If a very high resolution
4096x4096 texture is being used, the first level of mipmapped texture
reduction is 1/4 of that in pixel area, or 2048x2048. If a texture of
more modest resolution like 1024x1024 is used, then the first level of
mipmap reduction would result in a 512x512 texture. So a high
resolution base texture is still going to result in a larger mipmap
texture than a lower resolution base texture at the same mipmap
reduction level.

This is true of any texture in the scene where the object is not
culled by LOD settings, etc. Liveries just tend to be the biggest

The results are cumulative for your video hardware. So in multiplayer,
all those additional aircraft in the scene using high-resolution
textures will tax your video card more heavily than aircraft using
lower resolution images, even with mipmapping enabled.

Hope that helps,

-Gary aka Buckaroo

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