Le 25/09/2013 23:39, Gary Neely a écrit :
>   I've felt my machine come to a crawl while
> certain planes are loaded in MP-- I had to remove some because they
> were too much of a hit for my poor aging system.
it's the same here, FG take age sometimes to load 3D stuff, mostly 
because it create the mipmap on the fly, from the png/jpg/rgb texture, 
and this operation is long specially for huge textures!

I didn't removed them, but converted them to dds with a bash script:

About FG and dds texture, could it be possible to propose a dds version 
of our planes in an official manner, or do i need to make a paralel 
hangar, with hidden advertisings?

I'm fine with fgdata having png/rgb textures, as they are lossless and 
easy to work on, and a non dds version is still needed for who don't 
want to use dds (for patent issues, or other reasons).

If you want to try a dds version, to make an opinion, i've converted 
some here:


you will need the Generic folder, and you can add the Instrument and 
Instrument-3d, to have full dds planes.

my concern is not to force dds use, but to allow a better mp experience 
(try to change livery for example, in external view).


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