On 09/26/2013 12:30 PM, James Turner wrote:

> Some of the folks on the fourm have been doing greta work up the AI
> models of our transport-category aircraft, mostly to improve appearance
> of Traffic. The A320 and A330 have had overhauls and now look great, and
> I believe the Boeings are next on the list, which is good because the
> current AI 744 and 777 look pretty bad. But revised A320 is exactly the
> kind of model we want for MP - a realistic silhouette and nice liveries
> when parked without going crazy in any one area.

On that topic, there's a static 737 on the taxi tracks that's there 
since the old days when there was no AI traffic, it is probably a good 
idea to remove it from the scenery now.


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