On 30 Sep 2013, at 08:47, Dirk Dittmann <dirk.dittmann....@gmail.com> wrote:

> Improved the Cross track error according to the great circle. 
> http://williams.best.vwh.net/avform.htm#XTE.


> And make the overflight sequence configurable for the aircraft. The default 
> is 
> the same.
> /instrumentation/gps/config/over-flight-arm-angle-deg           90
> /instrumentation/gps/config/over-flight-arm-distance-nm 1
> /instrumentation/gps/config/over-flight-distance-nm             0
> over-flight-distance-nm       : 
> - distance to waypoint 
> - overflight -> next waypoint
> over-flight-arm-distance-nm: 
> - distance to waypoint over-flight-distance-nm + over-flight-arm-distance-nm
> - overflight arms the cone 
> over-flight-arm-angle-deg     : 
> - the cone left/right from LEG pointing on the waypoint
> - when armed and the aircraft leafs the cone -> next waypoint. 

Great, although I do wonder if anyone will ever really adjust the cone angle. 
Doesn't do any harm though.

> branche fix-issue1164 @ my clone
> https://gitorious.org/fg/dirks-flightgear/source/85592ec45db2866a15197c051d97cb4014537b4b:
> Who should I ask for merge ?

Me, only query is that the above don't really seem to relate to issue 1164, 
which is about initial behaviour of the GPS when entering leg mode away from 
the active leg.

Are you happy for me to pull from that branch to review, or would you rather 
send a patch, or make a merge request on Gitorious. All of those are fine with 
me, your choice.


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