On 30 Sep 2013, at 12:29, Eric van den Berg <evan_den_b...@hotmail.com> wrote:

> The other stuff I asked Dirk to add as it makes our extra500 (GPSS) AP design 
> a lot easier.

Incidentally if you (Dirk) are looking at this code, the really great thing 
would be to get the turn-anticipation code enabled. All the pieces are there 
(compute a standard rate turn based on inbound / outbound leg courses, compute 
time before WPT to start turning based on ground-speed), but it's always been 
disabled because I couldn't figure out a stable formula for CDI deviation / XTK 
in the turn, and especially when transitioning between turn-anticipation and 
normal leg modes. (So there was an ugly wobble when turn anticipation starts 
and ends, with the AP did not like).

Any comments, or contributions to this, would be great, since a few people have 
ended up implementing kludges at turn-anticipation in Nasal, when this code 
should really do it all from C++ nicely.

Kind regards,

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