Am Dienstag, 1. Oktober 2013, 21:37:58 schrieb James Turner:
> On 30 Sep 2013, at 08:47, Dirk Dittmann <> wrote:
> > branche fix-issue1164 @ my clone
> >
> Hi Dirk, this is looking pretty good, just some small nitpicks:
> - please make a helper function for the great-circle XTK error function,
> with some sane name like 'greatCircleCrossTrackError'. And please include a
> full URL to the aviation formulary link, for future readers of the code.
> (You already did this in one place I think)
> - where you only want course OR distance, SGGeodesy has some convenience
> wrappers (I realise in most places in this patch you do want both). This is
> just to improve readability right now (avoids useless 'az2' declarations),
> but in the future we might be able to do less work if only one value is
> needed.
> - Please squash commits, rebase -i is your friend - so all the evolution of
> the LegController should probably be squashed together. Similary the adding
> and removing of _mode_node will disappear with some squashing.
> - Avoid UTF-8 degree symbols in comments, it might upset some compilers. We
> recently had an issue with the older GCC on Jenkins rejecting UTF-8 BOM
> marker.
> - I would prefer arithmetic terms in conditions to *always* be
> parenthesised, we've had some bad bugs due to this, so:
>       if (a < (b + c))
>       if (a < b + c)
> - Where boolean conditional get complex, I often like to create explicit
> bools, so instead of:
>       if ((some complex test) && (some other complex test) && ((another 
> thing) 
> (still more)))
> I think it's more readable to do:
>       bool answerOfTest1 = some complex text
>       bool answerOfTest2  = some other complexTest
>       …
>       if (answerOfTest1 && answerOftest2 && …)
> The compiler will get rid of the bool vars, although you might force
> evaluation of more terms depending on how smart you the optimiser is, but
> you force yourself to give each boolean expression a name, like
> 'isWithinOverflightDistance' or 'isWithinInterceptAngle'. As a result it
> becomes much easier for someone else to evaluate the conditional logic and
> decide if they agree with it or not. If the boolean test is used more than
> once, make it into a helper method - grep-ing for methods names is*() and
> has*() in the codebase points to many of these.
> In general it looks pretty good though, let me know if you're happy to make
> the above changes or need any help (especially if you're new to git rebase
> -i, it can do terrible things)

I understand and will make the improvements. Thx for the hind ! I squash the 
commit and improve readability. Is there any code convention documentation ? 
Which I could read? 

> Kind regards,
> James

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