On 30 Sep 2013, at 12:29, Eric van den Berg <evan_den_b...@hotmail.com> wrote:

> It actually does solve issue 1164 (which I started).
> When one switches to the next waypoint, the active leg course and 
> x-track-error relate to the leg between the previous and active waypoint of 
> the flightplan (as it should in LEG mode). Previously the leg (-course and 
> x-track-error) was formed between the active waypoint and the position of the 
> aircraft at the moment of switching.

Okay, the issue then is the behaviour with GPSs which build an 'entry leg' when 
activating but off-route, which was the intended behaviour of the current code.

I'm fine with supporting both, the question is if we really need a distinct 
intercept mode for leg, and indeed radial, capture in the GPS, and a config 
option to control how that works.

> The other stuff I asked Dirk to add as it makes our extra500 (GPSS) AP design 
> a lot easier.

Yes, no problem. BTW Dirk I would prefer separate commits for these areas of 

Kind regards,

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