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> I understand and will make the improvements. Thx for the hind ! I squash the 
> commit and improve readability. Is there any code convention documentation ? 
> Which I could read? 

No, there's rules, since the codebase contains quite a mixture. We could start 
a wiki page, only things I really care about:

m_ or _ prefix for members (_prefix is widely used but technically illegal by 
ISO C++, m_ is my slight preference now)

fully brace conditions, even single line. This one is a pain but we've had 
several bugs with nested ifs-without-braces being modified and introducing 
logic errors. In several cases people forgot C++ is not Python:

if (you do this)
        if (you keep do thing)
                if (you then do this)
                        printf("terrible things can happen");
                printf("This is not python!");


I personally prefer lowerCamelCaseWithoutUnderscores for method and variable 
names, but you will find plenty of other places in the code which use 
all_lower_case - usually try to follow the style of the code you're working 

Regarding naming, longer names and fewer comments are better. Don't do:

        double m_vXr; /// the velocity tachyon flux

better do:

        double m_velocityTachyonFlux;

Of course only people with auto-completing editors agree with this! Shorter 
names are fine for locals or arguments but still aim to be descriptive.

Kind regards,

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