On 9 Apr 2013, at 23:20, Greg Ercolano wrote:

>>>     I tried the following FLTK code with the above X11 only code
>>>     and it seemed to work more reliably.
> Ian writes:
>> Not so much for me - though that may be an issue with the VM rather than
>> a "real" problem.
>> I find that, with this code, if I toggle Caps Lock on/off a few times,
>> I can easily get to a state where the test code is resolutely reporting
>> Caps Lock OFF, but the keybd LED is ON.
>       Try the xkbvled(1) application.
>       Do you find it too doesn't properly represent the shift lock LED?

It also fails.
I've tried this now with F17 and Ubuntu-12.10, hosted on Win7 and OSX 10.6.8, 
though in VirtualBox VM's in each case.
I don't have ready access to another "brand" of VM to try at present.
If anything, the Win7 hosted version might have been slightly better, but none 
worked "right".

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