>       X11's own "KeyRelease" events seem to behave similarly;
>       in my tests with the pure X11 code below, when X11 sends
>       a KeyRelease event for the capslock key, the "event.xkey.state"
>       shows accurate info when capslock is ENABLED, but INACCURATE INFO
>       when capslock is disabled.
>       You have to hit some other key to get the accurate state of
>       capslock after lock release.

Yes - though with Howard's example I find (on a F17 VM, not a "real" computer) 
that (as Howard said) quite often (not always!) just wiggling the mouse about 
in the window gets the state to update correctly...

(Or, hitting the space bar always seems to!)

So, something in the state is getting updated by other events, and perhaps not 
just the X11 KeyRelease ones?

Or I'm missing the point again...

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