On 04/10/13 03:31, MacArthur, Ian (Selex ES, UK) wrote:
> - With the VBox VM hosted on Win7:
> - With the VBox VM hosted on OSX:

        Wow, quite a variety of behavior.. VMs have a lot of work to do
        to emulate the entire OS hardware, translating it from API to another.
        I'd sure hate that job, as there are so many dark corners of 
        behavior in various OS calls.

        It's also rare apps try to do anything with the capslock state.

        Also: in my case I often forget I have a KVM, which might be having its
        way with my keyboard. I've had to switch kvms a few times now because
        of wak behavior with handling of special keys, screen sleeping, etc.
        Settled on a Master View for now..

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