On Mar 16, 2012, at 0:03 , Jecel Assumpcao Jr. wrote:

> Marcel Weiher wrote on Thu, 15 Mar 2012 15:33:07 +0100
>> I have a little Postscript interpreter/scratchpad in the AppStore 
>> (TouchScript,
>> http://itunes.apple.com/en/app/touchscript/id398914579?mt=8 ).  Admittedly, 
>> it
>> was mostly a trial balloon to see if something like that would be accepted, 
>> and
>> it was (2nd revision so far).  And somewhat surprisingly a (very) few people
>> even seem to be using it!
>> Sharing is via iTunes.
> Thanks for the tip! I see your description is "Use the Postscript(tm)
> language to express your ideas and see the results on your iPhone.
> Transfer your creations to your computer via iTunes sharing as either
> PNG or Postscript documents."
> It is likely that the reviewers considered that "Postscript documents"
> means a text file (like a .pdf or .doc).

Or a .m or a .c or or a .pl or a .rb or a .js …  I am not sure how it is on 
other platforms, but on OS X program files are also documents.  I see your 
point, but I think it is a little thin to base your argument on a single word 
that is at the very least ambiguous (partly on purpose) when the rest of the 
description is very clear that this is about a programming language and that 
you are programming.

In addition the reviewers also actually run the program, and at that point it 
becomes 100% clear what this does.

> The user who gave you a bad review certainly did (another user corrected 
> him/her).

And the user(s) who corrected the first user chided him for not reading the 
fracking description or looking at the fracking screenshots (RTFD, LATFSS?).   
App Store purchasers are known for not looking at what they are buying and then 
complaining bitterly.  Fact of life...

> So this doesn't tell us what Apple would do with a language that allows you 
> to share
> programs.

I think it tells us that Apple does not, at this point, have a consistent or 
consistently applied policy.  Which may have something to do with the fact that 
such a policy is impossible.   So we chip away at the edges and live with the 


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