Hi Keiron,

It looks like you are the testing guru. Thanks for taking the initiative
on this; I agree that it's crucial.

I've finally got around to looking at this in more detail, as I'm trying
to add some good cases for tables. I have one problem and one question.

For some reason, certainly relating to ClassLoader behavior, if I run
"build.sh test" in my xml-fop directory, the version checking code in
RunTest is finding the ./conf/config.xml file locally before it finds
the one in the test/reference/jar. The result is that it refuses the
version since it's "FOP @version@" and not "FOP 0.19.0-CVS" or whatever.
I find if I hide the conf/config.xml file, it uses the one in the jar
and everything works fine. Have you noticed this by any chance? Perhaps
it's due to a java bug - I'm using the Sun JDK 1.2.2 for Linux

I see that the XML "rendering" doesn't have lots of traits, no Area
Container positioning for example, no line-height information etc. Is it
a reasonable thing to enhance the output format to include (eventually)
all the traits which are supposed to be on areas?


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