Keiron Liddle wrote:
> On Fri, 06 Jul 2001 23:33:21 Karen Lease wrote:
> > Hi Keiron,

> > Problem:
> > For some reason, certainly relating to ClassLoader behavior, if I run
> > " test" in my xml-fop directory, the version checking code in
> > RunTest is finding the ./conf/config.xml file locally before it finds
> > the one in the test/reference/jar. The result is that it refuses the
> > version since it's "FOP @version@" and not "FOP 0.19.0-CVS" or whatever.
> > I find if I hide the conf/config.xml file, it uses the one in the jar
> > and everything works fine.....
> I did have this problem when an empty CLASSPATH value was added to the
> classpath.
> Do you by any chance have any of the following in your CLASSPATH
> - "."
> - ""
> - xml-fop dir

You were right about the classpath. After testing a few things, I
noticed that my classpath in ended in ":", which was acting
like ".". Getting rid of that fixed the problem.

> Maybe we should not add the CLASSPATH variable to the classpath in
>, as far as I know it has no problems with only the CP set in
> (and the same for build.bat)
Agreed, since the "LOCALCLASSPATH" has all we need for FOP.
> > Question:
> > I see that the XML "rendering" doesn't have lots of traits, no Area
> > Container positioning for example, no line-height information etc. Is it
> > a reasonable thing to enhance the output format to include (eventually)
> > all the traits which are supposed to be on areas?
> Yes, this output should definitely contain all the information for the area
> tree. So that in theory you could read in the area tree xml and render the
> information (probably not very useful in practice).
> This includes all things such as:
> - areas generated
> - viewports (clipping, alignment etc.)
> - attributes (position, colour, fonts etc.)
> - pages

OK, that's what I figured. That way, if I change table borders, we can
actually see the difference.
> I think that at this stage it may be more useful to get a cleaner interface
> to the area tree. Then from that it will be easier to read all the area
> tree information.

You're right. I'm just trying to fix the table row borders right now (in
border-collapse mode), because it's a pain not to have it and I'm in the
table code anyway. At least some of what I'm doing will be useable in
the new layout architecture. But I do intend to get back to the layout
stuff after that.

> > Regards,
> > Karen
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