At 11:33 PM 7/6/01 +0200, Karen Lease wrote:
>I see that the XML "rendering" doesn't have lots of traits, no Area
>Container positioning for example, no line-height information etc. Is it
>a reasonable thing to enhance the output format to include (eventually)
>all the traits which are supposed to be on areas?

I would support having everything. After all, I don't think it is really 
meant to be read by humans - the XML output should be post-processed. 
AntennaHouse XSLFormatter prints out practically everything.

I think we could have several levels of detail (which I think I might have 
put in there already to some degree); someone may not be interested in 
levels below regions, someone else might want down to blocks, someone else 
may want everything right down to inlines in agonizing detail.

Arved Sandstrom

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