At 09:23 AM 7/9/01 +0200, Keiron Liddle wrote:
>On Fri, 06 Jul 2001 23:33:21 Karen Lease wrote:
>> Question:
>> I see that the XML "rendering" doesn't have lots of traits, no Area
>> Container positioning for example, no line-height information etc. Is it
>> a reasonable thing to enhance the output format to include (eventually)
>> all the traits which are supposed to be on areas?
>Yes, this output should definitely contain all the information for the area
>tree. So that in theory you could read in the area tree xml and render the
>information (probably not very useful in practice).
>This includes all things such as:
>- areas generated
>- viewports (clipping, alignment etc.)
>- attributes (position, colour, fonts etc.)
>- pages
>I think that at this stage it may be more useful to get a cleaner interface
>to the area tree. Then from that it will be easier to read all the area
>tree information.

Not only all of the above, but we need to ensure that areas actually have 
all the properties they are supposed to have. OK, there is still the 
question, do you really want to add a property to foproperties.xml just so 
you can print it out, even if it's essentially unused, and I don't have a 
good answer to that one, because it could result in confusion. But I am 
thinking more of things like area-class, generated-by, returned-by, 
is-reference-area, is-last, is-first...all things on which we are really 

I am probably going to be adding is-first and is-last because I need it in 
some spots anyway, for fixing a situation that causes errors with 
break-before="page" and break-after="page".

Just as a heads up, I am going to be writing some test validation scripts 
for pagination test cases. My thought is to use a single XML in conjunction 
with XSLT to run all of the actual test cases (I prefer to leave the current 
pagination examples as examples, and not use them in tests), and then to 
write some simple, efficient Perl and/or Python to process the area tree. 
Any guidance on how you would like to see stuff organized is welcome.


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