On Tue, 17 Jul 2001 01:22:38 Arved Sandstrom wrote:
> At 09:26 PM 7/16/01 +1000, Mark wrote:
> > As an aside: is there a style guide for FOP code? I must say I find the
> >style and layout very confusing and I'm happy to clean things up as I
> go.
> >At the moment I can't even work out what tab stop size people are using.
> >(In my own work I use 8 character tabs with 2 character indenting).
> Yep. http://xml.apache.org/source.html references the Sun Java coding 
> conventions, at http://java.sun.com/docs/codeconv/html/CodeConvTOC.doc.html.
> An interesting point that comes out of the coding conventions is that
> while 
> Sun instructs us that tabs must be 8 spaces, they also state that the
> unit 
> of indentation is 4 spaces.
> Seems to me that the easiest way to avoid problems is never to leave tabs
> in 
> the code - I use a text editor that is set to 4 spaces per tab and 
> immediately translates tabs to spaces.
> We are well past the point where we should take a style tool to the whole
> codebase, strip out all tabs, and re-commit the whole thing. :-)

>From what I have seen so far we are never going to get a common code style.
I usually format the code but that doesn't mean it will stay that way and
there are a lot of files. eg. Arved committed in some of the Marker code
with tabs to replace the spaces (musn't have been using the right text

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