On Tue, 17 Jul 2001, Arved Sandstrom wrote:

> We should, in theory, be able to use the cvswrappers mechanism (or module
> options) to run a style tool on a file when it is committed (or in a number
> of other cases). I can investigate this. I'd suggest that we divvy up the
> existing code, and use style tools of our choice, in our working copies, to
> clean up the code, and re-commit; future commits can be adjusted using the
> cvswrappers mechanism.

I tried that on the repository at work once but found it troublesome.
Don't quite remember what the problem was, but remembers vaguely that it
wasn't straightforward for cvswrapper to (read/write)access the actual
file that's committed.

Another thing is that it's just a little scary to have something which
possibly destroys what you commit to cvs - I would prefer that what I
commit to cvs goes there unaltered (on the other hand it would be A Good
Thing to have some codeformatter to blame my bugs on :)

I guess we have to use codeformatters (eg astyle) before we check in our

I happend to grab a copy of jIndent while it still was free. jIndent does
more than just codeformatting, it parses the code and is able to change a
lot of things (eg bracket style, set a max linelength, etc).

I could reformat the whole repository with jIndent, then we could continue
with using astyle or some other free codeformatter as we go.

Just pick a day. It would be best if everybody have checked in their
changes before reformatting the whole source (and I guess I should tag
the repository before reformatting).


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