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>I guess we have to use codeformatters (eg astyle) before we check in our
>I happend to grab a copy of jIndent while it still was free. jIndent does
>more than just codeformatting, it parses the code and is able to change a
>lot of things (eg bracket style, set a max linelength, etc).
>I could reformat the whole repository with jIndent, then we could continue
>with using astyle or some other free codeformatter as we go.
>Just pick a day. It would be best if everybody have checked in their
>changes before reformatting the whole source (and I guess I should tag
>the repository before reformatting).

Hi, Tore

Well, how about _you_ set the day, since you're the volunteer? :-)

I tend to agree with your comments about cvswrappers, and you're right, why 
not try the logical first approach, which is that all committers make a 
point of running the code beautifier of their choice before making commits? 
We have not in a long time, if ever, put our foot down and said that this is 
the way it will be - it's been pretty lackadaisical so far. So, once you 
have reformatted everything, and recommitted, all committers would be on 
notice to adhere to code conventions.

It would be useful if you can work in license long-form -> short-form 
translation also.

A tag is a good idea, I agree. Who knows what might happen?

Thanks in advance for doing this.


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