At 08:29 AM 7/17/01 +0200, Keiron Liddle wrote:
>>From what I have seen so far we are never going to get a common code style.
>I usually format the code but that doesn't mean it will stay that way and
>there are a lot of files. eg. Arved committed in some of the Marker code
>with tabs to replace the spaces (musn't have been using the right text

I should have said, _one_ of the text editors I use does that. :-) Using 
another text editor I am as guilty as the next fellow (although I have to 
look more closely; the editor may be able to do the conversion).

We should, in theory, be able to use the cvswrappers mechanism (or module 
options) to run a style tool on a file when it is committed (or in a number 
of other cases). I can investigate this. I'd suggest that we divvy up the 
existing code, and use style tools of our choice, in our working copies, to 
clean up the code, and re-commit; future commits can be adjusted using the 
cvswrappers mechanism.


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