I've noticed a bit of chat on the list the last few days concerning
performance. I'm having a few problems in that area and I wondered if anyone
had any suggestions. I have a 16 page document, consisting of text and
embedded images, which is presently taking 30 seconds to generate. I've
tried Mark's Fop.jar, which saves me about 4 to 6 seconds on this, but it
still seems excessive. I think it has everything to
do with the way I am invoking FOP.

I'm calling fop from the command line, using the runnable Jar. The call
looks like this:

d:\jdk\bin\java.exe -classpath
bsf.jar -jar d:\fop\fop.jar -xml test.xml -xsl test.xsl -pdf test.pdf

The class path came from the RunTest.bat, which was the only example that I
could find at the time. There's probably all sorts of things in there that I
don't need.

When we first started playing with FOP, it was with Cocoon. The document we
were testing with was only 5 pages, but the processing time was much less,
only a few seconds. Because the cocoon distributable didn't cme with the
latest FOP, and we wanted to use v0.19, we went for the command line option.
It also fits in better with how we are using FOP. 

I apologise for being a Java ignoramus, but can anyone give me a pointer on
what might be happening here?


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