Arved Sandstrom wrote:

> Failing that, if we are talking about compiling with javac or Jikes or
> whatever, you are left with compiled bytecode, and for that we have to have
> a JVM. No ifs and buts. So then the avenue of inquiry leads down looking at
> the Invocation API in JNI.

Although I tend to think it might be easier to go the Cocoon2 or HTTP
proxy route
suggested by Jeremias, I think it should be possible to do this with the
Invocation API. Basically you have to encapsulate a VM in your COM
object, but once you have it you should be able to use it do multiple
FOP calls. I have used this in the past to combine C++ and Java code, in
both Mac and Microsoft environments, so it can be done. Just to be
clear, this is a Sun JVM I'm talking about; no special MS Java involved.

Good luck,
Karen Lease

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