At 07:27 PM 7/24/01 +1000, Darren Munt wrote:
>I'm aware that it is possible to compile java classes as COM components, but
>even if I knew where to start on this, I'm not sure it would help much. The
>cocoon approach was looking good for us, but we discovered that the version
>of FOP that is installed with cocoon does not have the level of FO
>compliance that we need.

One thing to be careful of is, who is doing the talking about compiling Java 
classes as COM components? Whenever I have run across references to doing 
this, it's been about using MS Visual J++ to compile the Java.

This may be something you want to explore, nevertheless. I am just pointing
out that in this discussion "compile" has different meanings.

Failing that, if we are talking about compiling with javac or Jikes or 
whatever, you are left with compiled bytecode, and for that we have to have 
a JVM. No ifs and buts. So then the avenue of inquiry leads down looking at 
the Invocation API in JNI.

Sun doesn't seem to be as much help on this as they could. They leaped way 
ahead and have provided an early-access COM-EJB bridge; if you had FOP all 
wrapped up inside a session bean you'd be all set. :-)

This is interesting and I'll see what I can find out further.

Arved Sandstrom

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