> However, it simply did not work for me at all. However good the XEP
> engine may be at converting XSL-FO documents to PDF, its horrible user
> interface and incomprehensible installation procedure eliminated it from
> my consideration.

Installation package of XEP 2.5 evaluation version consists of two 
files: readme.txt and Setup.class. You run Setup.class and follow 
the prompts; I wonder if this is not intuitive. (A further step would be 
using InstallShield; but this is hard to achieve for a Java application :-)). 
Anyhow, in case of installation problems, you can direct your questions 
to RenderX support ([EMAIL PROTECTED]).

I realize that our poor command-line utility is far from being a model
of user-friendliness. There are reasons for this: XEP is sold exclusively
for server applications, and we care more about efficiency than about 
ease of use. Still there are many downloads from our site, and we get
enough feedback from people who manage to get our tool running. This 
makes me think it's not really impossible. If you ever decide to retry 
XEP, I would be glad to assist you.

> Bottom line: none of the formatters are yet suitable for producing 
> a finished product. 

I dare not say that XEP is good enough to suit your needs :-). But (IMVHO) 
it's difficult to make statements about maturity level of an application
if you have never run it.

Best regards,

Nikolai Grigoriev

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