> But you're right - nobody should be using the processor in production. Not

> yet. When we think it's ready we'll say so.

I know we do so at our risk, but we have been using v0.18 FOP in a
production situation (albeit a low-load, non-critical one) for a week now.
Apart from a minor performance problem (discussed previously), and a couple
of quirks that we had to work around in the xml:fo, it suits our needs very
nicely in that:

1. The output renders nicely 
2. The file size is smaller than we achieved using a commercial product (not
one mentioned anywhere here)
3. The users are very happy with the output
4. It didn't cost us the equivalent of 2 months salary to buy a license

I have FOP running in a Windows 2000, IIS, Visual Basic environment using
MSXML to do the XSLT processing. I'm certainly looking forward to future
versions, but we are extremely pleased with the results to date.

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