Hello Koen

I may be able to help with ~part~ of this.

The latest version of AWTRender fails to draw a border at all
for your .fo file.  However, the border re-appears if you increase
the border-size to 1.0pt.  This may be a (bad) side effect of
changes we recently made to the awt render to respect
border-size (previously it drew all borders 1 pixel thick regardless
of the value of border-size.)  My hunch is the thickness calculation
is rounding down to zero.

[ aside: We will investigate and supply a patch later today if appropriate.

   The awt renderer should probably render a border one pixel thick
   when the math rounds to zero.

   Any comments?  ]

As for the ~placement~ of the borders, others will need to comment
on that.  At first glance, it looks to me that the pdf and awt renderers
both put the borders in the same wrong place.  Which suggests the
problem is not in the renderers themselves.

One more comment, however, it looks like your table is buried
3 or 4 levels deep in fo:blocks.  While that is probably legal, my own
experience is that nesting fo:blocks too deeply can lead to spacing
and placement problems.  As a workaround, you might want to
try embedding your table in a single level fo:block -- perhaps
that would improve the border placement.

         ' Best,
         -Ralph LaChance

At 08:19 AM 8/7/01 +0200, you wrote:
>I tried it with the snapshot of the night before yesterday (due to the 
>firewall I cannot get into CVS directly). It was not rendered correctly.
>I have included the document (doc.xml) and the stylesheet (doc2pdf.xsl) 
>that lead to docxalan.fo
>If rendered to awt few borders are rendered and those rendered are not 
>aligned with the table.
>If rendered to pdf all borders ara rendered but all are not aligned with 
>the table.
>The version I'm using is from a file called xml-fop_20010806101537.tar.gz 
>(it is stating FOP 0.19.0-CVS at startup)
>Kind regards,

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