Koen (and Ralph and others),

There is a problem, but it's not a border-drawing problem.

You have a left-margin specified as 2cm on a block which is containing
the paragraphs before the table and the table itself. This property is
inherited and is therefore used on both the fo:table and the fo:blocks
inside the fo:table-cell objects.

What isn't normal is that the table itself should be indented by 2cm and
it isn't. But that in itself won't fix the cell text alignment, since
the margin (or start-indent which is the same thing) is being inherited
by all the content inside the table. So the cell content would still be
badly positioned.

Assuming that FOP handled indent correctly on the table, you would want
to set it back to a smaller value, on table-body for example.

In the meantime, there is an ugly workaround involving an empty first
column whose width is equal to the current indent and which only has
borders on the right side.

As Arved has just suggested focusing on tables, this problem will be a
good place to start and I'll try to put it on the high priority list.


> Hello,
> Hello Karen,
> I tried it with the snapshot of the night before yesterday (due to the
> firewall I cannot get into CVS directly). It was not rendered
> correctly.
> I have included the document (doc.xml) and the stylesheet
> (doc2pdf.xsl) that lead to docxalan.fo
> If rendered to awt few borders are rendered and those rendered are not
> aligned with the table.
> If rendered to pdf all borders ara rendered but all are not aligned
> with the table.
> The version I'm using is from a file called
> xml-fop_20010806101537.tar.gz (it is stating FOP 0.19.0-CVS at
> startup)
> Kind regards,
> Koen.
> Please respond to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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