Yes, actually that was clear. I should have said, there isn't a _layout_
problem with borders, but I agree, there was/is a rendering one.


Ralph LaChance wrote:
> At 06:53 PM 8/7/01 +0200, you wrote:
> >Koen (and Ralph and others),
> >
> >There is a problem, but it's not a border-drawing problem.
> Karen,
> Sorry, I wasn't clear -- I'm suggesting there are ~two~ separate problems
> here.  The first is what you describe below. The second is: given
> the fo such as it is, it renders differently for -print and -awt versus
> -pdf.  On both -awt and -print no border is drawn for the table cells.
> The pdf renderer ~does~ draw the table borders.
> The awt/print problem is due to AWTRenderer attmpting to fill a rectangle
> with either the width or height of zero.  This happens when the border size
> drops below a threshold (i.e., 500 millipts)  This all stems from a patch
> to AWTRender I supplied a few weeks ago in which, among other things, we
> made AWTRenderer honor actual border sizes.
> (The original 0.19.0 AWTRenderer drew ~all~ borders 1 pixel thick,
> regardless of border-size.)

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