Committers only get votes on the projects they're comitters for.
Non-committers are encouraged to provide input without voting.

Loose projects with a lot of committers get upset when non-committers
confuse the tally by using "+1" in their input, so if you preface your
comments with, "I don't get a vote, but I'd be +1 because I think..." no one
will be confused.

The PMC can step in an overrule a wayward project full of committers, but
that's almost unheard of.

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Subject: Re: Performance and java 1.1

> Keiron Liddle wrote:
> [..]
> > So the question is: can we drop java 1.1 support and use better data
> > structures?

 --- Christian Geisert <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: 
> +1   (I think we should make this an "official vote")

I think that FOP is not really usable in Applets which is the only sensible 
reason for supporting JDK 1.1

PS What are the rules for an "official vote". I have been told off before
for voicing my opinion about a vote in another Apache project. Basically
I was told I couldn't vote because I hadn't contributed any source.
Shockingly enough this is true for FOP too.


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