I was not sure if we were actually taking a vote yet... Anyhow my vote is:

+1 to change the minimum required JVM version to 1.2.

As has been mentioned previously, FOP already does not work with JDK 1.1
anymore (since Batik).

I am one of the poor souls stuck with JDK 1.1 (at least until next year
anyway). We have been able to make a version of FOP that works under JDK 1.1
using some 0.20 code and some old SVG stuff, but it was a royal pain.
(Actually Badri R did most of the work on this for me). But I agree that at
this point FOP needs to move ahead.

(works for EastPoint Technologies - what a joke)

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Keiron Liddle wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have been doing some performance testing so we can get an idea of how
> things might be improving (or getting worse) with changes to the code.
> So the question is: can we drop java 1.1 support and use better data
> structures?

Interesting results!
With java 1.4 just around the corner, I think we can and should "byte"
the bullet and stop trying to keep FOP compilable with Java 1.1. I know
there are a few loyal Fop users out there whose corporate structures are
still several versions behind. It's too bad for them, but FOP _is not_
legacy software and should be able to move quickly.

It's also hard for us to keep the code compatible since I suppose almost
all of us are developing on at least Java 1.2.
So +1 for me.


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