I don't officially count as these things go, but merging jfor and fop would
solve several issues I currently have.


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Subject: [vote] Merging JFor with FOP

Hi people,

recently, some code was donated to the Apache Cocoon project in order to
connect it with JFor (www.jfor.org) which is a FO->RTF processor.

It appeared evident to me (and to others, as I discovered later) that
jfor and FOP are doing different things but could be an advantage for
both jfor developers, jfor users, FOP users and FO visibility in general
to join forces.

Bertrand, here attached, is the main developer behind the project and he
already agreed on donating the code to the ASF.

IMO, rather than creating another project, it would be best to merge
jfor code with FOP to allow yet another (and widely used) binary format
to render FO in.
Technical details are not that important at the moment, but Bertrand
already stated his flexibility in reshaping jfor code in order to make
it easier/cleaner/more-manageable the merging.

This said, in order for the donation to take place, I'm officially
requesting a vote from the FOP developers community. The Apache XML PMC
is already informed and will accept any position taken by the community.

So, here it is, please vote on the following question:

would you like to accept jfor code and give Bertand Delacretaz committer
status in order to perform the merging on the FOP code following the
technical directions that the FOP dev community will find more

I remind that only people with committer status are entitled to place a
binding vote, but I suggest everybody on this list to express their vote
and, in case of negative vote, explain their reasons so that we can
properly deal with them.

Thanks to all.


P.S. Sorry for the formality, people but this is legal stuff so I'm
required to wear my ASF member hat :)

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