I am not  a comiter, but I had to deal with FOP once (versions 0.19 and 0.20) and it is very probable that I have to deal with JFor, and I think this thing that is being proposed is a good one !!!!


Emmanuel Cuevas
Senior Developer



Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> Hi people,
> recently, some code was donated to the Apache Cocoon project in order to
> connect it with JFor (www.jfor.org) which is a FO->RTF processor.
> It appeared evident to me (and to others, as I discovered later) that
> jfor and FOP are doing different things but could be an advantage for
> both jfor developers, jfor users, FOP users and FO visibility in general
> to join forces.
> Bertrand, here attached, is the main developer behind the project and he
> already agreed on donating the code to the ASF.
> IMO, rather than creating another project, it would be best to merge
> jfor code with FOP to allow yet another (and widely used) binary format
> to render FO in.
> Technical details are not that important at the moment, but Bertrand
> already stated his flexibility in reshaping jfor code in order to make
> it easier/cleaner/more-manageable the merging.
> This said, in order for the donation to take place, I'm officially
> requesting a vote from the FOP developers community. The Apache XML PMC
> is already informed and will accept any position taken by the community.
> So, here it is, please vote on the following question:
> would you like to accept jfor code and give Bertand Delacretaz committer
> status in order to perform the merging on the FOP code following the
> technical directions that the FOP dev community will find more
> appropriate?
> I remind that only people with committer status are entitled to place a
> binding vote, but I suggest everybody on this list to express their vote
> and, in case of negative vote, explain their reasons so that we can
> properly deal with them.
> Thanks to all.
> Stefano.
> P.S. Sorry for the formality, people but this is legal stuff so I'm
> required to wear my ASF member hat :)
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