Thanks to all for the advice, but I'm afraid I've already gone down those

We could indeed translate our .eps graphics into .svg, and have in fact
considerred this.  One can use either Mayura or Illustrator for that
purpose.  However, it is an extremely long task given the number of graphics
we have.

It also requires that we have in place 

1) An XML editor that can validate large DocBook documents which use many
levels of file entities, and also can display SVG graphics.

2) An SVG to gif or jpg convertor that works reliably in batch mode.   Batik
might fit those requirements.

The simplest approach would be to find an FO processor that can handle .eps.
I'm somewhat surprised that this isn't built into FOP, given that it is
designed to convert FO to PDF.  Wouldn't it be logical for such a tool to
therefore support PostScript graphics?


Bill Lawrence

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> There are several reasons for not converting the .eps graphics to a
> bitmapped format:

Yes - I agree, we had a bitmap logo which looks fine when being previewed on
but using an SVG vector graphic was much clearer when printed out.

I didn't spot whether you had looked into using Adobe Illustrator 9 to load
the EPS
files and then save them as SVG. It may not do so perfectly but it is worth
into. I don't know whether it can be automated though if you really do have
of illustrations.... You *might* need to do a little bit of tweeking of the
to get it to use the right namespaces and such like but I am sure that you 
could automate that...
The following URL may help you find other converters...  



PS My  FOP FAQ seems to be down. That'll teach me to put stuff on a box
production level support. Sorry folks. Feel free to shout at me by email.

It looks like I've volunteered myself to improve Apache's Official FAQ
system so 
maybe we'll move this off of my machine onto an official Apache one.


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