In the PDF specs I actually found something about including PostScript.
Chapter "4.10 PostScript XObjects" might be a solution but it also says

Note: Since PDF 1.3 encompasses all of the Adobe imaging model features
of the PostScript language, there is no longer any reason to use
PostScript XObjects. This feature is likely to be removed from PDF in a
future version.

Someone would have to write some code that can import EPS files and save
the PostScript portion in a PostScript XObject.

The note above suggests that the generating application should be able
to convert EPS/PostScript into PDF. This is probably quite a task, right?

Another possibility might be to extend the PostScript renderer to be
able to embed EPS files. But then the generated PostScript file would
have to be converted to PDF using Distiller, GhostScript, Jaws PDF
Library or something else.

On 30.10.2001 18:39:09 Bill Lawrence wrote:
> The simplest approach would be to find an FO processor that can handle .eps.
> I'm somewhat surprised that this isn't built into FOP, given that it is
> designed to convert FO to PDF.  Wouldn't it be logical for such a tool to
> therefore support PostScript graphics?

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