Hi again,

Further to the message I sent a few minutes ago suggesting pstoedit
for EPS to SVG conversion - I've had a quick play, and it seems that
there are two ways to make pstoedit create SVG.  Either you pay $50
to enable the shareware SVG back-end, or use use "-f plot-svg".
This uses GNU libplot, so maybe it relies on you having that installed?
Anyway it works for me, and it produces SVG for free.

Batik, and so presumably also FOP, object to it having fill-rule:even-odd.
I haven't checked whether that it the fault of pstoedit or Batik, but
just deleting that attribute makes it work.

This certainly looks like a good way of getting EPS into FOP documents.
For the test that I've been looking at the file size increased from
about 40k to about 70k.


Have you seen pstoedit?  (http://www.pstoedit.net/).  This will convert
postscript to a variety of vector graphics formats, and it DOESN'T
convert it to a bitmap first, so you should keep the original quality.
The free version doesn't support SVG output; you can get a demo with
SVG support, but it converts "e" to "$" and messes up the colours.  Real
SVG support costs $50.  It seems to be available for Windows, Linux
and Solaris.

My experience is only limited, but it does seem to work for the things
that I've thrown at it.  I haven't entirely worked out how to get the bounding
box right yet.

Good luck,


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