We're using FOP to generate our monthly billing statements.  We generate
70,000 statements+ a month in about a 4 hour period of time.  Statements
range from 1-10 pages.  We set up OMR marks for our print shop and OCR
fonts for the bank return slips.  One way we increased speed was to fire
the SAX events directly, instead of through a stylesheet.  This also gave
us a little more control over the content, whithout having to code FOP

We sold it to our company in several ways.  It's verry low cost (donation
to apache.org), gave us control over look of statements and allowed our
billing question department to view the exact bill the client recieved.  It
also runs on AS/400's.


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Hello everyone,

I have busy evaluated the FO technology and I would like to hear from
people that are using it for real-life business needs.

What kind of documents are they using it with ? What volume ? Embedding
it in servlets ? How do they cope with the "speed" ? How do they justify
using FO to their bosses ?

Anybody with both 3B2 and FO  or Compuset and FO experience ? I would
love to hear your story.

Patrick Andries

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