Title: RE: Any real-life business use ?

Patrick Andries wrote:

> I have busy evaluated the FO technology and I would like to hear from
> people that are using it for real-life business needs.
> What kind of documents are they using it with ? What volume ? Embedding
> it in servlets ? How do they cope with the "speed" ? How do they justify
> using FO to their bosses ?
> Anybody with both 3B2 and FO  or Compuset and FO experience ? I would
> love to hear your story.

We are starting to figure out how to use it for printing technical manuals (8 manuals, totaling about 3000 pages, lots of JPG, webCGM, and SVG graphics) for our customers who still want paper (more than you'd think). We're just starting out and still fine tuning the style sheets converting from xml to xsl-fo and then to PDF.


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