Our app is in live beta testing right now. We use FOP to generate printable
versions of a lab report and 5 canned mgmt. reports. (I've included a demo
copy of the lab report, just to show some of what FOP can do.) So far the
only limitations we've found are:

1) Memory. Fop runs out of memory on large reports (from 40+ pages), moreso
when several are being run concurrently. (It also happens more often on our
$20,000 HP-UX production machines vs. my PIII-NT4 dev box. I have all the
settings to HP recommendations. I don't think the HP-UX JVM, even with
Hotspot, is tuned very well for garbage collection.) I understand that they
way around this is to implement new page sequences every x pages or so. The
problem is some of our reports don't have natural page breaks, so I guess I
will have to insert some in odd places.

2) Table-header flexibility. We sometimes have a desire to alter the table
header for every instance after the first (like inserting the word
'Continued'). I'm gearing up to write a FOP extension to accomplish this.

3) Keep-with-next endless looping problem. Apparently this will be addressed
very soon.

4) Complex page numbering. We have a need to display a subsection page
number separately within the document. (IE - document page 4 of 9 is
subsection page 1 of 3.) Haven't figured out a way to do this. Maybe another

5) On the attached lab report, I can't figure out a way to get the table (or
it could be cell) border to extend to the bottom of the page. Note that the
report is broken into 4 sections, all of which can span multiple pages. Any
ideas on this one would be greatly appreciated. I posted a message about it
awhile back (subj: min table or table-cell height?) but no one got back to
me. Maybe the visual of the actual lab report will help.

All in all, we're very pleased with FOP. I know I surprised some people who
didn't think it was possible to work the voodoo of dynamic PDF generation
w/o shelling out for a $$$ product, and probably consultants on top of that.

Matt Savino 

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> Subject: Any real-life business use ?
> Hello everyone,
> I have busy evaluated the FO technology and I would like to hear from 
> people that are using it for real-life business needs.
> What kind of documents are they using it with ? What volume ? 
> Embedding 
> it in servlets ? How do they cope with the "speed" ? How do 
> they justify 
> using FO to their bosses ?
> Anybody with both 3B2 and FO  or Compuset and FO experience ? I would 
> love to hear your story.
> Patrick Andries
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