Welcome back.  Been on holidays?

Looking at the number of people who have expressed an interest in being 
of some help, I thought it might be of some use for you or Karen, or 
both, to run a "school".  I appreciate that many of the thorny problems 
with fop require the redesign, but if there are a few issues that can be 
resolved in the current framework, I think it might be useful to run a 
bug-fix or design extension school.

I was thinking that you could talk your way through a couple of these 
hacks in great detail, commenting on everything that crosses your mind 
as you go, and answering questions that arise.  At the end of the 
process, the whole dialogue (or monologue) could be dropped onto the web 
site as an aid to anyone else who comes along.

This is just a top of the head idea, but it may have merit.  There is no 
better way to come up to speed in a workplace situation than to have the 
designers and cutters give detailed presentations with lots of question 
and answer, where no question is too stupid.  Such things always take 
time, and are always resisted by those who are under pressure to get the 
thing finished, but are always a good investment.

I confess that I have great difficulty in thinking within the current 
code framework (but that is nothing new for me).  I think that most 
people need some encouragement to take the plunge in murky waters. 
 Anyway, if nobody expresses any interest, we can forget the idea.



>i'm willing to help with the FOp project... but i don't know if i'm good
>enough to help ...
>anyway, just let me know on this e-mail adress: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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