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> As to who's in charge:  Arved is the man, but Arved has recently started
> a new job, so you can imagine what his current situation is.
> Nonetheless, he is preparing a new maintenance release at this time.

If we follow a convention of calling the release coordinator "da man", then
maybe that's been me. :-) But the last 6 months for sure I'd give high marks
to Keiron & Karen for championing the redesign, and both have done much work
besides - tables a la Karen, and a plethora of stuff for Keiron.

And FWIW Peter's been quite active himself. But I'm not going to go further
down that road because I am constantly impressed by the number of other
folks that are knowledgeable about aspects of FOP and volunteer their time.
So if I start mentioning names I'll leave worthy people out.

BTW, Christian Geisert is going to be doing the lion's share of this release
(the 0.20.3 final) so I guess that makes _him_ the man. He is our newest
committer and I'm glad to see him diving in. :-)

> He is also concurrently involved in the design of the C/C++ version.

To be precise, as much as the recent turmoil on the employment front has
permitted (laid off at the end of October, immediately started 2-month
contract, then started with Hummingbird 6 weeks ago) I jave been doing Perl
prototyping in support of my xslfo-proc Sourceforge project. I hope to have
that uploaded before the end of February.

It may seem that if I have enough time to work on that then I ought to be
able to work on FOP - that's not the case. Number one, I don't think the
maintenance branch merits intensive work. The kind of stuff FOP needs now
requires the redesign. And I simply do not have the _large_ amount of time
required to wrap my head around what Keiron and Karen are doing - I am
waiting for the bare essentials to get completed. And my intention with
xslfo-proc is to eventually, once the C++ engine is in good shape, and SWIG
wrappers in place, to possibly fold it back into FOP.

I guess the main observation I would make is that nobody, not committers and
not regular developers, need permission from anyone to start aggressively
working on stuff. If you do some code and want to see it added to the main
or maintenance branches, then the onus is on one or more committers to
explain why it's a bad idea, but there must be a good reason. At this stage
I'd rather see a lot of people getting intimate with the code - old or new
(preferably new) and just trying things.

I'll see if I can't peel off some time in support of what Peter is
suggesting, re tutorials or workshops, to help out Keiron and Karen. No
promises but I will certainly try.

Arved Sandstrom

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