> Look, does anyone else out there agree or disagree with me? Am I 
> flogging a dead horse? Barking up the wrong tree?

I tend to agree. I'm very happy with the output I get right now from FOP
.20.2 - especially the ms/page benchmarking. I also find useful the error
output and warnings, which go straight into my debugging logs like any other
Java piece of our beta app. 

As a relatively naive end user, I guess I'd like to hear why I need to adapt
my app to accomodate a new logging interface. If it's something FOP really
needs structurally then no problem. But if it's because I've been living in
a fool's paradise and need to wake up to real logging, then... well maybe
that's true, but I should probably learn it on my own. 

I promise to try out Avalon the second I get one, and get back to you.


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