I meant just the cvs HEAD and the branch you are working on.

On 2002.03.15 08:52 Michael Gratton wrote:
> Cool, will do.
> Out of curiosity, what was the name of that branch? Keiron mentioned 
> elsewhere that I'd probably want to patch both branches - one is 
> obviously going to be HEAD, the other I assumed was MAIN, but I'm not so 
> sure now..
> Anyway, a preliminary, but fully functional patch against the 
> "fop-0_20_3" branch can be found here: 
> <http://web.vee.net/fop/AvalonLogger-patch-20020315.jar>. I just need to 
> port it to the two other branches, and deal with both MessageHandler and 
> ToBeImplementedProperty, then it is ready to land.
> I'll fix these things up sometime in the next few days..
> Mike.

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