On 2002.03.13 12:25 Joe Batt wrote:
> Logging within FOP is for debugging FOP.  It doesn't need to integrate 
> with anything.  As a user of FOP, I want it to be silent, just like my 
> JDBC driver is silent, just like my AWT layer is silent, just like my 
> messaging driver is silent.  As a developer of FOP, I want logging to 
> debug the FOP code.

I disagree. You may want it silent but users do need error messages. It 
also may need to be associated with a context and thread and placed in 
order with other messages.
Messages such as if the document could not be rendered due to some error 
in the fo or missing images etc.

It is obvious that no matter what solution is used then someone will 
complain. The real culprit is Sun for not putting logging in much ealier.
So what solution can we use that satisfies most people, is flexible and 
requires minimum code to maintain. The solution I keep coming up with is 
the avalon logging interface.

Now can we get back to what FOP is about, if I remember correctly 
something about formatting xsl:fo :)

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