Confusion abounds!

There are only two (2) FOP cvs things.
THe is the trunk and the maintanence branch.

The maintanence branch has the name "fop-0_20_2-maintain". This is for 
maintanence releases.

The trunk is also known as: "HEAD", "MAIN", main, development, redesign or 
even "cvs update -A" or "cvs update -rHEAD"

Those still confused should read up on cvs.

On 2002.03.26 00:05 Michael Gratton wrote:
> Christian Geisert wrote:
>> I assumend MAIN and HEAD are equivalent ...
>> (Maybe someone can explain this to me ;-)
> Not in FOP.. 8)
>> If you checkout FOP without a given branch you get the main development
>> branch (aka redesign).
> Yeah, that's the case. This is usually called "the trunk", and is a 
> special case branch. It has the symbolic name "HEAD", although you don't 
> want to use that when checking it out.
> FOP actually has a branch called "MAIN", separate to the trunk (HEAD).
> Mike.

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