Hey Michael

> Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> >   
> > I can help you with implementing or documenting, whatever you want.
> Thanks for the offer, and thanks for the pointers. It's too late for me 
> start this now, I'll do it at work tomorrow (about 16hrs away) - gotta 
> love getting paid to work on OS projects.. ;)

Sleep well!

> I'm 100% confident I can sort this myself - it's exacly the same work 
> involved as the previous patch I posted, but if you're on hand to answer 
> any further questions that may arise, that would be useful.
> WRT the last point, I'll make Driver implement LogEnabled and drop 
> Loggable. Given that (according to the javadocs on the Avalon web site) 
> LogEnabled exposes enableLogging(), not setLogger(), and does not 
> provide an analog for getLogger(), I'd suggest leaving any classes which 
> implement {get|set}Loggable() alone for now.
> Sound okay?

Right, enableLogger() replaces setLogger(). And right, there's no
getLogger() on LogEnabled. I'm so used to having getLogger() provided by
AbstractLogEnabled (!) that I didn't remember. LogEnabled just defines a
contract on how to set the logger, not how to retrieve one. I'd extend
Driver from AbstractLogEnabled and overwrite getLogger() as done in the
current version (maintbranch). You just have to replace the LogKit setup
code in getLogger() by the ConsoleLogger.

Sounds okay. We can do these changes later if necessary.

Jeremias Märki


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