Michael Gratton wrote:
> Guys,
> Sorry to reshash what is probably an old and tired subject, but I've 
> gotten some conflicting advice as to what CVS branch is used for what. 
> If anyone could help fill in the blanks and correct the errors, I'd 
> appreciate it. 8)

I'll try it (but I'm no CVS expert at all ...)

> "MAIN" -> FOP redesign / new-design branch. This is where dev for for 
> the next main iteration of FOP is done.
> "HEAD" -> I assume v0.21 and latter versions will stem from this branch 
> at some stage, up until the work on the MAIN branch lands on the trunk.

I assumend MAIN and HEAD are equivalent ...
(Maybe someone can explain this to me ;-)

If you checkout FOP without a given branch you get the main development
branch (aka redesign).

> "fop-0_20_2-maintain" -> the v0.20.x maintanence branch. Further 
> releases in the v0.20.x series (and others?) are made from this branch.

Yes, there will probably be 0.20.4 sometime and then we can hopefully
forget the "maintenance" branch ...

> Thanks,
> Mike.


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