Hello all,
I'm new to FOP and are charged with embedding it in a Servlet
application. We need to send a JSP as HTML or PDF, depending on the
user. So we made a JSP which outputs valid XHTML and tried to convert
that via FO into PDF.
After much experimentation, I succeeded in installing a filter
intercepting the JSP-Servlets output to convert it by calling FOP.
The conversion works on the command line; however, I have great problems
embedding FOP in my filter.

My first problem is in using the right input; I can't make FOP use a
Stream as input source, the critical constructor being
XSLTInputHandler(File, File) - has anybody found a possibility to use a
stream as input? Currently, my filter writes to a temp file before
calling FOP; this is ugly, and I want to avoid it, as I have all my
input data in a ByteArrayInputStream already and FOP is well able to
write to a ByteArrayOutputStream.
The next problem is that FOP doesn't convert when called from my filter.
I get an exception from driver.render(); the logger tells me:

INFO    10191   [fop     ] (): building formatting object tree
DEBUG   10191   [fop     ] (): setting up fonts
ERROR   10191   [fop     ] (): Unknown formatting object ^html

The message text of the exception says:

Root element must be root, not (none):html

This seems to mean my DTD, which I deleteted; if I use a valid DTD:
<!DOCTYPE xhtml PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"

FOP prepends 'xhtml' to the error messages (i.e. "Unknown formatting
object xhtml^html" and "Root element must be root, not xhtml:html").

I don't want to send the complete sources, as they are quite long; can
anybody make any sense out of these errors anyway? Keep in mind that I
can output a perfectly good PDF-File from the command line using the
saved source from the HTML-Page and my stylesheet; I also made sure that
the HTML-Source and  the temp file as written by the filter have an
identical content, so my temp file is not filtered to death by a Java
Any hint or idea is appreciated...

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