Hans-Jürgen Wiesner wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm new to FOP and are charged with embedding it in a Servlet
> application. We need to send a JSP as HTML or PDF, depending on the
> user. So we made a JSP which outputs valid XHTML and tried to convert
> that via FO into PDF.
> After much experimentation, I succeeded in installing a filter
> intercepting the JSP-Servlets output to convert it by calling FOP.
> The conversion works on the command line; however, I have great problems
> embedding FOP in my filter.

It is usually not a good idea to use JSP to generate
XML for further processing.

Well, you can use a SAX event stream to overcome the
unfortunate design of the XSLTInputHandler, look here:
This way you can supply an arbitrary XML source to your
For generating the data, i suggest to look into writing
your own SAX source. The basics are much easier than many
people think: implement the javax.xml.parser.XMLReader
interface, and if necessary provide your own implementation
of an InputSource to provide run time parametrization.

> The next problem is that FOP doesn't convert when called from my filter.
> I get an exception from driver.render(); the logger tells me:
> INFO    10191   [fop     ] (): building formatting object tree
> DEBUG   10191   [fop     ] (): setting up fonts
> ERROR   10191   [fop     ] (): Unknown formatting object ^html
Your transformation transforms your XML to XHTML. You have
to write a transformation which transforms into XSLFO. FOP
can not render XHTML (it would be named XHTMLP if it could)


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